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WebStretch is a Java based proxy server which may be used to check security or enable debugging of a web site.

Hackers may use a range of techniques to break into your web site, whether it is from gleaning information from developer comments in HTML, to poising queries to enable execution of additional commands. WebStretch will enable developers to quickly test their site and view various possible problem points without creating complicated test harnesses.


  • HTTP request editor
  • HTTP request/response viewing
  • Web application security checker
  • Ability to set alerts for actions
  • HTTP unit testing integration
  • Automatic error checking
  • HTML validator
  • Performance checker
  • Session reconstruction/mapper
  • Session analysis (graphs)
  • Page stats e.g. size breakdowns


12th Aug 2003 - Opened basic web site
1st Aug 2003 - Created open source project on SourceForge

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